Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hershey Park Kids Fun Run

Saturday after a day of HersheyPark, it was time for Makayla to run her first run ever. She had practiced for this run for 16 weeks. I kid, no, really she had. Before we were even in the stadium, she even had me stretch with her. I told her to show me her game face...
She even had be get her race outfit ready before the race because she said that is what I do. Later I found out that she has to wear the official kids fun run shirt, but it still matched! While we were waiting for them to let us into the stadium for the kids run, she had me stretch with her. She kept repeating her mantra, "Do your best and forget the rest!" (She is so wise beyond her years).  Then it was go time! We found her age group and got put in the second heat. A we were waiting, i of course got teary eyes BC she kept telling me she wanted to run like mommy. As a tear fell from my cheek she gave me a big hug and tolde "No be sad mommy." I told her I wasn't sad but very proud and she told me to stop crying. So I did my best to stop the tears and then it was her turn to go. I wasn't allowed to wait with her so I told her to run towards the Kiss. I hustled the 30 yards that she was about to run so that I could meet her at the end. They said go, and off they went. And straight to the Kiss she ran! Then she saw me, ran straight to be and flew into my arms saying, "I did it mommy, I am a runner just like you!" I broke down and cried again, not because I was sad, but because I really am inspiring her and that is all that has ever mattered to me. 
Here is a close up of her metal, which was actually metal...
And because I was so proud, I made her pose with me...
You inspire me Makayla every day in every way. I hope I show you how to be the best you can be and that no matter what, do your best and forget the rest. I will always be your cheerleader, and will yell as loud as you need me. I love you to the back of the moon.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Sweetest Place on Earth

While many of my friends were running Runner's World Half Marathon or partaking in one of the many races that were offered, I did not. I did run that half marathon last year and I didn't want to run it again. Why? It's not that I didn't enjoy it, actually, I did not and I was in a lot of pain running that half. But, that wasn't why. There are so many half marathons out there, that before I start repeating them (with exceptions of course) I wanted to see what was out there. So, I signed up for The Hershey Half Marathon. Who wouldn't? It's a new adventure, check. 2 free tickets to the park, check. The Sweetest Place on Earth, check. So, Saturday Oct 19, Makayla and I drove to Hershey. 
When we arrived, we got stopped in traffic. NBD, I made the best of it..
This is when I really started to get nervous. I knew NOTHING about this race other than it was advertised as flat. (LIES! ALL LIES!) But, I was excited about the idea of running another half marathon, my second in 2 months! So, we headed to the expo. Now, this used to be my favorite part of the race, but lately they have been hit or miss. 2 out of 3 up to this expo were misses. Since it was at HersheyPark, parking was very plentiful. The ease of finding the expo was a breeze. I actually got to the expo before it even opened. 
Once we got inside, I was blown away with how small the expo was. They had a stand from a local running store, and some other stores, but nothing like I have seen before. Packet pick up was a breeze and even though they couldn't find Makayla amongst the registration, it was easy to rectify the situation.
I love how she is looking at the runners in this photo! Also seen at the expo were some of the Hershey characters...
Once I had seen it all, I think we went around twice to make sure, I had to capture the thing that made this race extra special...
This marked Makayla's first race! I was so very proud at this moment. Since we were waiting for my sister and her family to arrive, we burnt some time with some pictures near Chocolate World.
This character was by far my daughter's favorite. We HAD to look for him EVERYWHERE! 
Oh, and this was by far my favorite purchase...
Overall, the expo was small and simple and to the point. You were in and out and I liked that. You definitely were not overwhelmed. There was a lot of free stuff, and small amounts of stuff to purchase. So far, a good impression was made.

Stay tuned for race recaps, both mine and Makayla's!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Celtic Classic 10K

Did you ever have one of the days where everything felt spot on?!? Well, I did, and I am so happy to share it with you.  On Saturday, I ran the 23rd Annual Celtic Classic 10K. I hadn't planned on running any 10Ks, but my best friend Liz asked me to run her first 10K with her, so how could I pass it up. The money all went to The Special Olympics, so again, there was no way that I could turn it down. I woke up Sat morning and knew that I was going to wear my Saucony's without my orthotic because they didn't really help my foot at all. Other than that, I had no idea what to expect for the course, but I did remember reading in one of the emails that there may be some mud, so I assumed there would be some grassy areas involved.  We arrived at the race a little before 7 am and there wasn't too many people there yet (they were expecting 641) so check in was easy peasy. At 7:45 I took 2 Aleve and hoped for the best.  After talking with some of the other runners, I learned that this course was definitely different than the year before, but no one really "knew" the course. All I knew was that somehow we ended up at Illick's Mill and that we ended where we started. The atmosphere was awesome, the energy from the Kilts was awesome!! At 8:08 I crossed the start line and we were off. We started on road, and then went onto a toe path. It was absolutely beautiful out, and the scenery was awesome.  Somehow we ended up at Illick's Mill, and that is where I got chatting with a fellow runner and mentioned how this was my first time running this and he was like well, "you picked a bad year to start with all the hills." Not once in the race did I feel like I was struggling. I was and am very appreciative now of all of the training runs I have been doing with Aardvark, since almost every run has hills. I felt really strong going up the hills, and although my pace slowed down for them, I didn't really feel that I struggled. I just kept telling myself that I was ready for this, and no matter what, I can do it.  At Illick's Mill we went up and around and down and up and around (really, I felt like we just kept running in a circle) and then we started the return back. It was a closed course, like VIA, but I ran the entire race without music and just lost myself in the atmosphere. I actually enjoyed running without music. I just ran based on how I felt.  I pushed myself but made sure I saved some for the end. I crossed the finish line in 1:06:53, a 2 minute PR for me. I am so happy to see all my hard work paying off.  Premedicating with Aleve allowed me to run pain free for the first 6 miles, now, to see what other anti-inflammatory I can take for another 6 miles? Anyway, if you ask me again, I just might run this race again.
The only dislike I had was the difficulty in finding the race start. Even though I put the GPS coordinates it was still difficult in finding it. But, we did, with plenty of time to spare, and had a great time! What a way to celebrate my training, and my friend's first 10K.
Hope you had a great weekend!
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

VIA Half Marathon

So, today was the VIA marathon, half marathon and marathon relay. It also happened to be my friend Chris' first half marathon. I really had no intentions of running this half, why, I do not know, but I signed up to run it when Chris told me she was inspired by all I do and asked me to run it with her. How do I say no to that?  Let me first admit that I was a little undertrained for this half, but I also knew that I could do it. Today wasn't about me or PR's anyway, it was about getting my friend to cross the finish line and become a half marathoner. 
So, I got up at O-dark-thirty and headed to the start. I got there at 5 am!
Anyway, I waited and headed out to the start line by 5:15. I had no idea what to expect based on people and what not so I wanted to be early so I didn't have to rush. We were even there before the port a potties! Since this was Chris' first half, I tried to remove as many stressors as I could. Then we took a photo at the intersection of the start line Main St and W Walnut.
Then, we eased our way to the start line and then at 7:02 we started. Having not run this race before, I didn't know what to expect, BUT having run the canal path before I felt like I knew what to expect. It was a beautiful day for a run. There were very energetic volunteers at the water stations and their energy definitely helped today. They had adequate water and Gatorade which was huge for me and I was happy that they even had extra. The course was mainly flat with a few hills and it felt fast. I thought the mile markers were never coming, but was still excited to see them all. Let me just tell you how awesome the final stretch was. Having everyone there cheering and then a jumbotron and announcing your name as you crossed the finished line, THAT was awesome!! I really felt like I mattered even though I know I won't ever place.
I guess my only complaint is that there isn't live entertainment, but I don't exactly know where they would put it.  And, I don't think that marathon finishers should have to wait in line for a stretch, yes, I think they should have gotten their own tent.
We finished, 3 minutes under Chris' goal time. I am so proud of her! She worked so hard and even though she said I was a drill Sargent, I think she loved every minute of it.
Half number 5 is now in the books. Would I run this again, absolutely. Maybe next year this will be my full marathon?!??
Ok, now to rest. I have another half next month so I need to continue training for that! Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I hate about the end of summer...

I hate that it is no longer light out late. I must not have noticed last week on vacation, but man, it seems to get dark out early. This didn't used to bother me, but now, I am irked. This week for boot camp I noticed there was more running. As a runner by choice, I am ecstatic. However, my work schedule and the earth's inability to stay light late is making me upset. I know that in 2 weeks my world will be a little better bc my work schedule is changing (7-3:30 as opposed to 9-7:30) in the meantime that means I have to break my bootcamp into 2 sessions, the videos in the am and then then running at night after work. Again, I don't really mind, except that means I HAVE to get up early to get it done which then means I HAVE to go to bed early in order to get up early. Guess that means I will be drinking coffee or tea or whatever is healthier. Trust me, I am not complaining bc I will now be able to do stuff after work, I am just reminding myself of the latter when I complain about getting up at 4 am to get half my workout done. 
Ah well. Today I was supposed to do arms (x2) a cardio circuit (x3) and then a 20 minute run. I got out of work late (as usual) and then the sky went black, so I knew a run wasn't going to happen. So, I did arms x2 and the cardio circuit x6. It's kinda funny actually. I just got finished texting Amanda about how the circuit went. I think the circuit was like 4 maybe 5 minutes and when I saw it I was like, yeah I got this. DON'T ever underestimate the power of a 4 minute cardio circuit. I didn't think sweat was that possible. But, I did what I could and I will probably be sore tomorrow. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Boot Camp Week 1

I am going to put it out there. All of me. 100% honest and true. Today, started the next session of boot camp. With that entails the measuring and weighing and all of that. For the sake of boring you, I have attached those stats for me and you. Let's see where those changes lead in 6 more weeks.
Here's to a wonderful round of boot camp sessions and to Amanda killing me because she "loves me."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boot Camp

The last 6 weeks I have been doing an at home bootcamp by the amazing Amanda over at Fit Pregnancy and Parenting . I think I have tried every imagine able way to cross train, and being a working mom, getting out to the gym isn't always an option. Then, I found her. I have done my fair share of personal training in gyms, but there is something about Amanda that makes me keep coming back for more. Maybe it is her beauty, or the guest appearances by her children or the fact that her husband in on the World Wide Web in an entire spandex outfit. Whatever the reason, I do my best to make sure that I get my workout in. I actually feel bad when I don't get it in. In the last 6 weeks I have pushed myself harder in the crosstraining than I have before. I also learned that I need to get my workout done in the mining or t won't get done. Don't believe me, ask my family. I got up early on vacation almost every day to get my workout in before everyone woke up so that I wouldn't have to miss something on vacation. Did I always want too, no. Sometimes I did want to sleep in, but I always felt better after a bootcamp session.

Tomorrow starts the next 6 week bootcamp session. I plan to push myself harder this time than the last 6 weeks, but I am also going to try harder on the nutrition side. 
Did I lose weight or inches? I actually don't have data to tell you either way. I am sure that somewhere in this session I will be directed to take measurements. I am also going to try to not focus on the scale, although to keep it real, I will weigh myself tomorrow and then again in 6 weeks. I will try to post at least weekly with a summary of what I liked and didn't like about boot camp, a well as include a summary of time in boot and total calories spent. Why? It will probably only be to my benefit, but it will help me keep track of how hard I work in crosstraining. If you want to see daily reports (in case I don't get to post them here) make sure to find me on Instagram screen name newbieparunner.

So, if you are ready to try personal training in the comfort of your home, go pay Amanda's website a visit. Not only is she a great trainer, but her prices are reasonable and she has flexible payment options. What do you have to lose, but a few pounds?!?

Since I am blogging from my phone, I didn't know how to hyperlink her website, so I wrote it here:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Needless to say, I haven't blogged in a while. A long while. It doesn't mean that I haven't been doing things or that I haven't wanted to scream things off the mountain tops, it just means I haven't had a lot of time to blog. It's a new month, well wait, August is almost over. Anyway, life is changing for me and all in all I want to try to catch you up, a little. 
For the last 6 weeks, I have been partaking in a very challenging boot camp. I don't think I have ever been this into something outside of running for a LONG time. Yes, I tried CrossFit, but that is too expensive for me and I felt frustrated all.the.time. But with this, it's me against me. I live by my heart rate monitor and strive for more calorie burn than last time. I make it my obsession to have that me time, even if it means I have to get up super early to get it done. At least it is something I can do at home without interfering with home life. I feel like I worked hard this 6 weeks, but with the next 6 weeks starting Monday, I really wanna bring it up another level and really focus in the workouts and eating cleaner. 

Outside of that. As of Sept 1, my work schedule changes and instead of working 10 hours I will be working 8 hours which means more quality time with my daughter and hopefully more blogging time and more running with friends, I miss that! 
I am a little nervous to see how boot camp is affecting my running, I think I have a little over 3 weeks until my first half marathon and then I have 2 more in consecutive months. This will be my hardest challenge yet. If you know me, and I am assuming you do otherwise I don't think you would be reading this, I love a good challenge. I am not looking to break any records with the half marathons, just push my body to see how it does with the constant mileage and if it does it well, then next year I will be running my First Full Marathon. Yes, you read that right. A full. Well, that also depends on if I can get into one in Chicago, if not, I may try a tri next year and save my full for Chicago another year. But, let's not put the cart before the horse.
Hopefully all my readers haven't left me, and I hope that I will gain some of you back. 
Here's to training mean, eating clean as accomplishing goals no matter how big or small!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

This is serious!

Today was a TeamVark training run and it started by me arriving late. But, I have been eating cleanier for 2 1/2 weeks now, and on Monday I started Boot Camp and maybe I am starting to see results!
Or maybe it is a fluke (although I hope it is a result of my hard work). Either way, I had to share it with the world!

Friday, July 12, 2013


I don't have any explanation for my lack of posting other than the fact that I am busy. But, EVERYONE is busy, so that doesn't seem like a valid excuse. So, let me just catch you up on things and make a promise that I will blog as I can. (Hopefully a little more frequently).
3 weeks ago I started running on Saturdays with a running club formed by the local running store. It is awesome because I am running with a different group of people and I feel like I fit in a little better than with my other running club. I have been using their runs as one of my shorter weekday runs and then run in Sundays longer. So far so good!
Since I started running with the running club, I also started swimming long course at the local outdoor pool. I am actually disappointed that I can't swim tomorrow ;( it's not that I can't make it, there just isn't a swim tomorrow :( :(
On Monday, the stars lined up and I was able to start a 6 week boot camp. Let me just tell you how awesomely hard it is and how I want to die almost every session, yet I keep coming back for more. Today was no doubt the hardest session (although I am partly convinced that it was because it was at 4am). Anyway, I am excited to see how my body will transform in the next 6 weeks! A good friend of mine is a nutritionist so I have her just keeping an eye on my eating to make sure I am eating enough for the activities I am doing, but also enough to lose weight. What differences there are between programs out there (on amount of calories one should consume) and the amount you SHOULD consume so that you don't put your body into starvation mode. Hopefully with these 2 things under a strict an firm plan, great things will happen!!
But, for now, I am going to bed. Yes, it isn't even 839, but getting up at 4 am has me completely exhausted. Besides, I need to rest for TeamVark run tomorrow!

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Team Vark

As you know, I have a really busy fall coming up with 3 half marathons. What you may not know is that a local running store, Aardvark, starting a running club to train for the Runner's World Half Marathon in Oct. While I am not running that half (the Hershey Half is the same weekend) I thought it would be awesome to train on hills since they are my nemesis. Plus, I get the opportunity to meet other valley runners and also maybe find someone at my pace so that long runs aren't necessarily solo runs.  Today was the first Team Vark training train, and it was a sweaty hot 4 miles. 
But, I did it. And I am proud of myself for sticking  with it even after the 500 yd swim I finished 30 minutes prior. While the training plan called for this to be the long run, I still have to add my runs for my half a month earlier. So, tomorrow will be a solo 6 miler but at least I have company for my long weekday runs. 

So, now that I swam 500 yards and ran 4.2, I think it calls for some relaxation by the pool while eating lots of fruits and veggies and hydrating with water. It's going to be hot, so please stay hydrated. 
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wilderness Traveler

Wednesday, my daughter and I went for a 2 mile run. I guess I should clarify that I ran while pushing her in her jogging stroller. I had forgotten how hard it was to push her, but at the same time, it wasn't nearly as hard as when I first did it in the fall last year. Maybe CrossFit is working! Anyway, I wore my heart rate monitor because I wanted to make sure I was pushing myself. Last fall when I would push her, I had to stop every so often, but last night, I only stopped when my heart rate monitor told me my heart rate was too fast. I even did a hill workout while pushing her! I made sure not to run until I made it to the top! What a relief it was to get there, and then to see this...
We could have spent hours watching that deer. We were as curious about it as it was of us. My daughter kept asking me what it was looking for, she told her teachers this morning it was looking for food. A little past this deer sighting was the turn around for the mile mark and we headed back home. 
I have really forgotten how much I enjoy these running treks with my kiddo. All in all it was a great run. 2 miles in a little over 23 minutes while pushing her. Here is my total calories spent..
Guess I need to figure out how to take a better, focused picture.
After our run she had a frozen yogurt Popsicle that I made while I recovered with a protein smoothie. I made mine with a cup of apple juice, one scoop of protein powder and a cup of frozen Strawberries. It was delicious!

Anyway, we were supposed to run ThursdYand my daughter actually woke up with my alarm. I was excited. Then she said, "Mommy, lay here and cuddle some." How could I say no to that. So, I told her that if we didn't run this morning, it would have to be after work. She got excited again! Looks like this might just work :) I will keep taking her with me until either she doesn't fit in the stroller or until she loses interest. 

Editors note: As I am updating this at 2157, I can say that no run was had tonight. My daughter had a melt down so unfortunately the run didn't happen. It's ok, I am going to try to be very active the rest of the week. Sometimes workouts don't happen, but in the end, it's the quality time with my daughter that matter the most to me.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Color Me Rad

Last Sunday, I did the Color Me Rad 5K in Philadelphia. It was my best Friend Liz's first 5K. I have to admit, I am kinda jealous of this being her first 5K. From the moment we checked it, we knew we were in for a party. You don't really need to heat me talk about it, the photos will speak for themselves. 
This is us before...
And this is after...
This is my bestie, it was her first 5K. She did awesome and is intact looking for other ones to run!
This guy did NOT run, he manned the purple check point...

Would I do this again, you better believe it! In fact, I AM running it again in Aug, but this time, there will be other first 5Kets and even my daughter will be partaking in this adventure. I RECOMMEND this for anyone who wants a fun, party like experience for any race, and it doesn't even have to be your first 5K to think it is awesome!

Hang in there

I will be back to blogging, but in the meantime...
Just know I am trying to be as active as possible. Today, I did wall squats while working. I am going to try to do them for every case, starting tomorrow, at least once. Please stay tuned.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two WODs, one post

I am not sure where this week is going, and I certainly have no idea where last week went. So, I never got to post the workout from Saturday. And,  since by box has a 9 am class on MWF (which happen to by my days off on rotation) I went to the 9am class yesterday. So, without further ado, here are the past 2 WODS...

"Work Horse"
snatch (35#)
CnJ (35#)
4 min AMRAP
50 m sled push 300/200
6 box jump overs
2 min rest
4 min AMRAP
5 GI Janes
10 Power Snatches 135/95
2 min rest
4 min Row for Cals (101 calories)

Obviously some of these were harder for me than others, but, I am still trying to focus mainly on form than weights. I will let the weights come once I have the form down. However, this week I did manage to do 20" box jump overs which is new to me. I used to only use 18" and those 2 extra inches are A LOT especially when you are doing AMRAP.

"Capt Crunch"
10 toes 2 rings (This was scaled down for me, next time I might actually try the rings with knees up as high as I can go)
20 lunges with PVC twist
30 DU (I did 60 singles)
40 sec HS walk/hold (I did 40 sec head stand, but my first time doing an inversion)
Push Press 5x5 light/mod weight (I worked up to 45#)
5min EMOM (every minute on the minute)
3 DL ( I used a 30# bar)
6 box step ups (I held 10# barbells) on a 20" box
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP
Wall balls (I used a 10# wallball)
1min rest
5min EMOM
3 DL ( I used a 30# bar)
6 box step ups (I held 10# barbells) on a 20" box
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP
Wall balls (I used a 10# wallball)
*Second set of WBs had to be within 5 of the first set or you had to run 400m.
I did 70 WBs and then 65WBs. I just squeaked by.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hump It Up

Since it is Wednesday, I thought it was awesome that the CrossFit workout was entitled Hump It Up, Wednesdays are Hump Day after all, right? But man, I had no idea what I had in store for me.

Warm up:
10 Dips
10 Sit ups
10 Strict Pull-ups
Back Squat
5x3 @ 90% of max
For this part, since I have no idea what my max was, I worked to find it out. I started out with 45# (I knew I could handle that after Saturdays workout). I did 6 reps at every weight from 45# up to my max of 95# for my first time EVER back squatting for strength. I was very proud of myself. I look to see how I will grow over the coming months.
3 Rds for Time

500 m Row
40 DUs (double unders) [modified I did 80 Singles]
30 KBs  (kettle bells) [I did 10#]
20 Chest to Bar PUs [I did banded]

*3 min rest between each Rd
**Total time at the end minus 6 min for your score

My total time was 19:30. I guess that is good, but I think that doing the banded pull-ups helped a huge bit. I have no upper arm strength. I am embarrassed with that fact, and hopefully I will be able to get stronger.

I also bought a jump rope. Yes, you read that right, a jump rope. I didn't realize how much fun it is, and I really hope that I am able to use it often and be able to eventually get double unders. I can't wait to see how much stronger I get. There are 75 days until my cousin's beach wedding, and while I know I am not in the wedding, I want to know that I did everything I could to get in the best shape possible. That, and I have 3 half marathons coming up in the fall. I hear that all of this CrossFit will help. I am very anxious to see how it helps. And, I have 2 days to finish reading It Starts With Food. I am hoping to do the Whole 30 come June 1.

No CrossFit until Sat, going to try to get a little run in tomorrow, although not sure how sore I will be. But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?!?!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


With summer quickly approaching and knowing that I will be training during the hottest months (I have 3 half marathons planned in the fall) I thought it would be great to try hydration options besides water to drink during my runs. I have heard so many great things about Nuun that I was excited to try it. When I was in DC, I bought my first Nuun, Watermelon, from Georgetown Running Club. Yeah, didn't really like it as much as I thought. It tasted like a diluted air head. You know, that candy from when we were younger. So, I told my friends on Facebook about my experience and Strawberry Lemonade was suggested. I found it online, but by the boxful, and KNEW I didn't want to commit that much to this product knowing that I didn't like the first flavor that much. I continued my online search and found that the local The Vitamin Shoppe sold select flavors in the store.  I was so excited that I could get it there and try this flavor. But, now I can say my relationship with Nuun is DUNZO. I was again completely disappointed. I made it exactly as directed and even with less water. It had too much fizz and not enough flavor. Actually, I can't even describe the flavor, maybe a, nope not that either. 
So, now I am in the market for other hydration options. Gatorade, Powerade, something. Now currently accepting applicants.

How do you stay hydrated during those long runs on hot days?

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Yesterday I went to CrossFit. I am really liking it and hoping that when I start running again, I can continue to work it into my schedule I am also going to keep going until I have to repay for my membership and then I will debate what to do. (I will most likely continue, but we shall see). Why, Tarzan,
From Pinterest

well that was the name of the workout. Or, as I liked to call it, you puke and then you die! I am still feeling the effects today.
400m Run
50 Shoulder to OH 95/65 [Obviously, I didn't do 95 nor 65 #, but I did do 35#]
4 Rope Climbs*
400m Run
40 Jumping Back Squats 95/65  [again I only did 35#]
3 Rope Climbs
400m Run
30 Hang Cleans 95/65 [35# for me]
2 Rope Climbs
400m Run
20 Box Jump Overs 24/20 [Modified again for me 18 inch box]
1 Rope Climb

*I am not at the level yet where I can do rope climbs, so as a substitute I had to lay on the floor and use my upper arms and legs to lift me up the floor. I had to do this twice for every 1 rope climb prescribed.

Oh, they also didn't tell us that we had a time limit. 40 minutes. Wait, what the what?!!? The running was the easiest part for me, but I finished the workout. Other than the substitutions for the weights and the rope climbs, everything else was done as prescribed. In 27 minutes 36 seconds. I really hated the box jumps at the end, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?!?!
I am sad that I won't be able to go to CrossFit tomorrow, but I might go on a much needed run, or do track workout. Or bike ride. I took a week off of running and I really hate the fact that I did. But, I did just run 2 half marathons in less than 3 weeks. 
So tomorrow, back to the fitness grind. Wednesday I have off, so I will be at CrossFit again. And Sat :)
More inspiration on #inspiration #life #quote
from Pinterest

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What am I doing now?

I don't have any half marathons now until Sept, and that is when the craziness starts again with one every month. So, now that I don't have any long races planned for the summer, what is a girl to do. I am taking the rest of May and June as times to start incorporating other forms of training. There is no pressure to run so many times a week, and that might just be what I need. So, Monday was my off day, and I went back to CrossFit. In April, I had done a fundamentals class at South Mountain CrossFit, and then with training and my stupid work schedule, I didn't really get to go to any classes. So, now I have CrossFit booked bright and early Monday mornings and on my day offs (and or Saturdays depending on when my day off falls). So, on Monday I jumped head first into the box.
Monday's WOD
"Manic Monday"
Warm up: leisurely 400m run
Stretches to open up hips

Strength: Deadlift (DL)
5 EMOM (Every minute on the minute)
3 DL
5 minutes to work up to maximum weight DL *my max was 75#*

4 Rounds for time
7 Box Jumps (BJ) *18 inch box*
9 Deadlifts (DL) *35#*
12 burpees over bar
Total time: 9 minutes 15 seconds

 My legs were stiff from running the half marathon on Saturday, but I knew it wasn't a good enough excuse to do nothing on Monday and  I was determined to get it done. I was drenched in sweat, and I am so glad that I went.  I am looking forward to Saturdays class, and the randomness that will now be the cross training as I prepare for a fall full of half marathons.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Why is wake-up so early on race days? Well, I don't think it really matters, because it isn't like you can sleep anyway. Friday, I made myself go to sleep at 10. Saturday I was up at 4am! Holy cannoli! 
(Old photo, same outfit, with the exception that I wore a different white skirt)

"Run your meatballs off" tattoo. I thought it was fun, and my friend Melissa ended up putting one on too!
I ate my usual Udi's bagel with peanut butter, and drank some Orange gatorade. I usually eat a banana with my bagel, but since I had 2.5 hours before I had to run, I wanted to wait on the banana.

We got a cab a little before 5 to meet up with her running club because they had rented a bus for transportation to the start line. At 515 sharp, we left the Bronx to head to Brooklyn for the start of the race. 
We got to the start area and headed to baggage check. Just like NW 20 days prior, they wanted you to use only the bag provided by NYRR. I had no problem with that. As I was walking to baggage check, the sheer number of runners that was running this race was starting to overwhelm me. Oh, and the fact that baggage check was not clearly defined. We had to walk behind a museum and into it's parking lot then all the way to the opposite end to check our bags. Since I was in wave 2 and almost if not all of my friend's running club was in wave 1, I was there an hour before my corral was supposed to start. I knew I didn't have to rush to get through baggage check, and so I just took my time to enjoy the sites and sounds. My corral was almost at the end of the race, 35000-35999. I used the port-a-potties because I was so early, and since no one was there.  

 Here is my corral before race time...
At 7:50 almost an hour after the race started, I crossed the start line. I knew that my friend would be almost finished running, and here I was just starting.
The only thing I knew about this race, was that it started in Prospect Park and ended at Coney Island. Here is the course map. My friend also warned me about the hills inside Prospect park, but since I didn't really know anything about the area, I said ok thanks. At mile 1, I noticed my pace was a little faster than where I wanted, so I did try to slow down a little. I also remembered that my friends reminded me that the second half was downhill to flat so I would be able to get some negative splits. I just wanted to stay under 12 min miles and still feel good. When we entered the Park, I kept telling myself that there will be a hill. At this point, we were already 4 miles into the race, and I had only been walking through the water stops. I felt good. I couldn't say great yet, it was too early, but I felt good. I just kept chugging along, noticing the surroundings, the Zoo, the open field with all the unleashed dogs playing, the lake, that I guess I missed the hill. Or maybe I didn't think it was a hill because of our hills. I don't know. We left the park and headed onto Ocean Parkway South, so I stopped (the only time non-waterstop based) and took this photo.
They closed an entire highway for this race! I knew that this was the longest section and the least scenic. I also knew that this was the flat to downhill part everyone was talking about. There were a lot of spectators at all of the intersections on this road, and we even began to see some of the runners who had already finished running towards us (I guess as a warm down). There was this sweet lady who I kept meeting up at water stops and then lose on the road to meet up again with at water stops who we actually ran some of the race with. She told me how she loved this race and was telling me where we were in relation to everything.  As the miles kept chugging along, we were getting closer.
As we were closing in on Coney Island, there were medical personnel outside of the hospital cheering us on. It was cool to have their support too! I knew that we would be coming up on the boardwalk and I was a little nervous. My friends had mentioned how it shakes when everyone is running on it and how my one friend even fell on it. But I couldn't wait. I also knew that my friend Angela, would be there cheering us on. I didn't get to see her :( Maybe it's just me, but I am not good at looking for people when I am running.
When we got onto the boardwalk, I somehow had managed to turn my jets on and pass a few people. I really wish we ran more of the race on the boardwalk, my feet loved the springiness of it! As I crossed the finish line, I was so relieved. I had made up for what I thought was a terrible run in DC, and to finish this one with speed, really felt great. I had some foot pain, so I went into the medical tent to get some Tylenol because I had no idea how much more walking was coming up. The doctor that took care of me was awesome and even opened my gatorade for me. Thanks doc!
We had to walk for what seems forever to the baggage claim area, but even worse than that was that they made us walk DOWN stairs to get them. I did know that I was going to be on a bus for 2 hours later, so all of this walking would be appreciated eventually. I made it to baggage claim and was able to find someone to take this picture...

I finished 1/2 marathon number 4, 20 days after half number 3!

I was disappointed that I didn't get to see my friend Angela, but later, I was even more disappointed that I missed her awesome sign...
 Later, on the subway back to Port authority, I wanted to check my finish time. That is when I saw this...

 And realized it was an 11 minute PR! 11 minutes faster than the half less than a month before. 5 minutes slower than my Best time ever, but I set my PRs yearly. All the stars were definitely aligned this day, and I was able to run my best.

Now, what I didn't like about the race...
1- Running out of poured water. Really? Again. I was hoping that DC was a fluke. This is now twice in less than a month
2- Not running long enough on the Boardwalk. But then making us walk down steps
3- That my race didn't start until almost an hour after the first wave.
What I like about the race,
1- Everything else not mentioned above. Would I do this one again, absolutely, but probably not until I run another NYRR half marathon!

I would love to here what you thought of it if you ran it. Have you ever run on a boardwalk before? Did you love it or hate it? Have you ever needed to visit the medical tent? What has been your favorite half marathon?

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