Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I hate about the end of summer...

I hate that it is no longer light out late. I must not have noticed last week on vacation, but man, it seems to get dark out early. This didn't used to bother me, but now, I am irked. This week for boot camp I noticed there was more running. As a runner by choice, I am ecstatic. However, my work schedule and the earth's inability to stay light late is making me upset. I know that in 2 weeks my world will be a little better bc my work schedule is changing (7-3:30 as opposed to 9-7:30) in the meantime that means I have to break my bootcamp into 2 sessions, the videos in the am and then then running at night after work. Again, I don't really mind, except that means I HAVE to get up early to get it done which then means I HAVE to go to bed early in order to get up early. Guess that means I will be drinking coffee or tea or whatever is healthier. Trust me, I am not complaining bc I will now be able to do stuff after work, I am just reminding myself of the latter when I complain about getting up at 4 am to get half my workout done. 
Ah well. Today I was supposed to do arms (x2) a cardio circuit (x3) and then a 20 minute run. I got out of work late (as usual) and then the sky went black, so I knew a run wasn't going to happen. So, I did arms x2 and the cardio circuit x6. It's kinda funny actually. I just got finished texting Amanda about how the circuit went. I think the circuit was like 4 maybe 5 minutes and when I saw it I was like, yeah I got this. DON'T ever underestimate the power of a 4 minute cardio circuit. I didn't think sweat was that possible. But, I did what I could and I will probably be sore tomorrow. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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