Tuesday, May 28, 2013


With summer quickly approaching and knowing that I will be training during the hottest months (I have 3 half marathons planned in the fall) I thought it would be great to try hydration options besides water to drink during my runs. I have heard so many great things about Nuun that I was excited to try it. When I was in DC, I bought my first Nuun, Watermelon, from Georgetown Running Club. Yeah, didn't really like it as much as I thought. It tasted like a diluted air head. You know, that candy from when we were younger. So, I told my friends on Facebook about my experience and Strawberry Lemonade was suggested. I found it online, but by the boxful, and KNEW I didn't want to commit that much to this product knowing that I didn't like the first flavor that much. I continued my online search and found that the local The Vitamin Shoppe sold select flavors in the store.  I was so excited that I could get it there and try this flavor. But, now I can say my relationship with Nuun is DUNZO. I was again completely disappointed. I made it exactly as directed and even with less water. It had too much fizz and not enough flavor. Actually, I can't even describe the flavor, maybe a, nope not that either. 
So, now I am in the market for other hydration options. Gatorade, Powerade, something. Now currently accepting applicants.

How do you stay hydrated during those long runs on hot days?


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  2. A huge selling point for me with Nuun is the low sugar content. There is way too much sugar in a lot of the other hydration options, especially if you are just looking for electrolyte replacement.

  3. have you tried plain water with orange slices or watermelon chunks in it? or even cucumber? i know you're looking for electrolytes, but "flavored" water is a nice option in the summertime. (don't recommend lemon or lime, though - they're diuretics.)