Saturday, June 29, 2013

Team Vark

As you know, I have a really busy fall coming up with 3 half marathons. What you may not know is that a local running store, Aardvark, starting a running club to train for the Runner's World Half Marathon in Oct. While I am not running that half (the Hershey Half is the same weekend) I thought it would be awesome to train on hills since they are my nemesis. Plus, I get the opportunity to meet other valley runners and also maybe find someone at my pace so that long runs aren't necessarily solo runs.  Today was the first Team Vark training train, and it was a sweaty hot 4 miles. 
But, I did it. And I am proud of myself for sticking  with it even after the 500 yd swim I finished 30 minutes prior. While the training plan called for this to be the long run, I still have to add my runs for my half a month earlier. So, tomorrow will be a solo 6 miler but at least I have company for my long weekday runs. 

So, now that I swam 500 yards and ran 4.2, I think it calls for some relaxation by the pool while eating lots of fruits and veggies and hydrating with water. It's going to be hot, so please stay hydrated. 
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wilderness Traveler

Wednesday, my daughter and I went for a 2 mile run. I guess I should clarify that I ran while pushing her in her jogging stroller. I had forgotten how hard it was to push her, but at the same time, it wasn't nearly as hard as when I first did it in the fall last year. Maybe CrossFit is working! Anyway, I wore my heart rate monitor because I wanted to make sure I was pushing myself. Last fall when I would push her, I had to stop every so often, but last night, I only stopped when my heart rate monitor told me my heart rate was too fast. I even did a hill workout while pushing her! I made sure not to run until I made it to the top! What a relief it was to get there, and then to see this...
We could have spent hours watching that deer. We were as curious about it as it was of us. My daughter kept asking me what it was looking for, she told her teachers this morning it was looking for food. A little past this deer sighting was the turn around for the mile mark and we headed back home. 
I have really forgotten how much I enjoy these running treks with my kiddo. All in all it was a great run. 2 miles in a little over 23 minutes while pushing her. Here is my total calories spent..
Guess I need to figure out how to take a better, focused picture.
After our run she had a frozen yogurt Popsicle that I made while I recovered with a protein smoothie. I made mine with a cup of apple juice, one scoop of protein powder and a cup of frozen Strawberries. It was delicious!

Anyway, we were supposed to run ThursdYand my daughter actually woke up with my alarm. I was excited. Then she said, "Mommy, lay here and cuddle some." How could I say no to that. So, I told her that if we didn't run this morning, it would have to be after work. She got excited again! Looks like this might just work :) I will keep taking her with me until either she doesn't fit in the stroller or until she loses interest. 

Editors note: As I am updating this at 2157, I can say that no run was had tonight. My daughter had a melt down so unfortunately the run didn't happen. It's ok, I am going to try to be very active the rest of the week. Sometimes workouts don't happen, but in the end, it's the quality time with my daughter that matter the most to me.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Color Me Rad

Last Sunday, I did the Color Me Rad 5K in Philadelphia. It was my best Friend Liz's first 5K. I have to admit, I am kinda jealous of this being her first 5K. From the moment we checked it, we knew we were in for a party. You don't really need to heat me talk about it, the photos will speak for themselves. 
This is us before...
And this is after...
This is my bestie, it was her first 5K. She did awesome and is intact looking for other ones to run!
This guy did NOT run, he manned the purple check point...

Would I do this again, you better believe it! In fact, I AM running it again in Aug, but this time, there will be other first 5Kets and even my daughter will be partaking in this adventure. I RECOMMEND this for anyone who wants a fun, party like experience for any race, and it doesn't even have to be your first 5K to think it is awesome!

Hang in there

I will be back to blogging, but in the meantime...
Just know I am trying to be as active as possible. Today, I did wall squats while working. I am going to try to do them for every case, starting tomorrow, at least once. Please stay tuned.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two WODs, one post

I am not sure where this week is going, and I certainly have no idea where last week went. So, I never got to post the workout from Saturday. And,  since by box has a 9 am class on MWF (which happen to by my days off on rotation) I went to the 9am class yesterday. So, without further ado, here are the past 2 WODS...

"Work Horse"
snatch (35#)
CnJ (35#)
4 min AMRAP
50 m sled push 300/200
6 box jump overs
2 min rest
4 min AMRAP
5 GI Janes
10 Power Snatches 135/95
2 min rest
4 min Row for Cals (101 calories)

Obviously some of these were harder for me than others, but, I am still trying to focus mainly on form than weights. I will let the weights come once I have the form down. However, this week I did manage to do 20" box jump overs which is new to me. I used to only use 18" and those 2 extra inches are A LOT especially when you are doing AMRAP.

"Capt Crunch"
10 toes 2 rings (This was scaled down for me, next time I might actually try the rings with knees up as high as I can go)
20 lunges with PVC twist
30 DU (I did 60 singles)
40 sec HS walk/hold (I did 40 sec head stand, but my first time doing an inversion)
Push Press 5x5 light/mod weight (I worked up to 45#)
5min EMOM (every minute on the minute)
3 DL ( I used a 30# bar)
6 box step ups (I held 10# barbells) on a 20" box
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP
Wall balls (I used a 10# wallball)
1min rest
5min EMOM
3 DL ( I used a 30# bar)
6 box step ups (I held 10# barbells) on a 20" box
1 min rest
3 min AMRAP
Wall balls (I used a 10# wallball)
*Second set of WBs had to be within 5 of the first set or you had to run 400m.
I did 70 WBs and then 65WBs. I just squeaked by.

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