Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dig deep

Have you ever done Insanity? Are you crazy enough to attempt it? Have you ever counted how many times Shaun T says it during a workout? Where do they get their music from?!?! LOL, all of these were the wonderful things I was thinking working out today. Today was Pylo day. It really should be called sweatfest, but who would buy that? "I'll take one sweatfest today please!" I know I am crazy. I must be. But still, I took some time off of Insanity last week to try to work out some kinks in my life, and if you know me irl, you know there are many. So, I promised myself that I would do whatever I can to make me a better me, a better wife and mom. And, I am doing just that. I have a half marathon in April that I totally want to rock, and therefore I am doing what I can  to help cross train right now. I have to say that I am not sure if it is me who is changing or if I just didn't work as hard at the beginning (ok 2 weeks ago when I started) but I am not only sweating more, but I also think I am slowly starting to be able to do more of the workout before I feel like I.must.die. That is the point right? I am also at a point in my life right now, where I am able to turn my head off and be asleep by 10-1030 at the latest and sleep until 6 am. This is one of the biggest changes that I have made so far in my life. I used to go to bed at 12 or 1 and get up at 6, how I managed that, I have no idea. However, all of this sleep is amazeballs (as my sister would say). I actually wake up refreshed and not tired. While I still don't know if I dream yet, I am ok with that because at least I know I am sleeping. What does that have to do with working out, since this is my workout blog. I feel that getting more sleep is directly related to my level I can bring to my workouts. The better rested I feel, the more I bring. So I can dig deep, over and over!

I am also trying something new, well new to me. I am not sure if I was ever well hydrated before. So, thanks to someone (I don't remember who, if it's you, please let me know so I can thank you) was talking about this app called Water balance where I am able to track my water intake and actually see how hydrated I am. I am one of those visual learners, so for me to actually "see" how much water I am drinking and how hydrated I am motivates me to drink more and turn more blue. I think yesterday I had to drink 1.3L of water! To me that is a lot of water, but I also noticed I didn't get a headache either. Hopefully I can keep it up!

If you read my blog last week, you saw that I had a doctor's appointment to find out about the pain in my foot. Well, if you follow me on Facebook, (if you don't do it NOW) you know that today I got the results of my MRI. It shows that I have some arthritis in my sesmoid bone of my big toe (yes, I said that right, my big toe)
Photo from here

and that between my second and 3rd toe I have a neuroma,
Photo from here

and that I have Achilles contracture. The doctor is hoping that the Achilles contracture will be corrected with Physical therapy and that an adaptive orthotic will help relieve the pain of the sesmoid bone and the neuroma. So, I start physical therapy on New Year's eve. I don't think I have ever needed physical therapy as much as I have since I started running, but I definitely wouldn't change anything for the world, unless the doctor says I have too. 

So, here's to nothing and to continually having to dig deep.  I have no idea what 2013 will bring me fitness wise, but I am working on a Fitness to do list that I will turn into a blog post as soon as it's done.

What have you done lately that had you dig deep?
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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I took an unintended break from Insanity. It turns out that for my sanity, it was probably the best thing to do. See, I wasn't sleeping, so doing insanity before I went to bed helped, but it was really just a band aid on top of other problems.
Anyway, I am starting it again, and committing to myself that I have, no wait, want to do this. I have the awesome privilege of being one of the 15,000 women chosen for the inaugural NWM and I want to be in my prime! I want to be ready. I guess, it also goes to state that I want to run it pain free, which is why over the last week I have had xrays and even an MRI of my right foot to find out why I get pain in my foot at mile 6. As of right now, the xray was negative so there is no stress fracture. I go to the doctor's on Wed to find out the MRI results and then to see what is the next phase. I will keep you posted.
But, I am not going to wait until then. My foot didn't hurt with Insanity, so I am going to start it again. I owe it to myself. I lost 57# in one year, I know I can do it, I just HAVE to do it. So, again, I am taking back my me time. If it means I get up earlier in the morning, that is fine too. My daughter has been sleeping later, so maybe if I go to bed earlier I can get up earlier and work out. That is what I have to do. I can and will do this. For me. For her. I will try to update at least once a week on Insanity. Sundays are my rest days, but I will see how it goes. I will definitely update you on what the foot doctor says, since that is what is keeping me from running longer. That and music. I do need a new play list. Anyone out there offer me a good list of songs to help get me pumped and stay pumped for 2.5 hours of running. And go. Oh, and I am in the market for looking for a better sports bra. And go. I was hoping to go to Lululemon's Princeton location next weekend just to browse, but I am on call both days next weekend. Maybe for my 4 day weekend for year's end I will go. Just to browse and maybe hit the clearance. In the meantime, I am going to focus on what I have that I can do for me...exercise, eat right, spend as much time with Makayla as possible.
I have a feeling 2013 is going to bring me great things, I hope you are there for the ride.
Thanks for hanging on so far!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

I am going Insane!!!

No, I haven't lost my mine. Or wait, maybe I have. But, since I feel like my weight loss has hit a plateau, I am trying to kick it up a notch. So, I started Insanity. Today was only the Fitness test, and I have 4 words for kicks your a$$! Sorry for the expletive, but seriously, I thought I was somewhat in shape, then I did this and oye vey! The next 60 days are going to be interesting. Is it bad that I am looking forward to my rest week already?!? No, seriously I am excited to see what Insanity will do for me and my roundness. If you saw me post on facebook about getting beach wedding ready, no, I am not renewing vows, but I have a cousin who is getting married at the beach this summer and I am looking forward to going, just not looking forward to the bathing suit part. So, hopefully after finishing insanity, I will be bathing suit ready. I will finish Insanity the end of Jan. I will try to do it again in June to do last minute tone-ups before the wedding. I know that the wedding is not about me, but I want to be comfortable on vacation, and yes, I am using the wedding as my excuse.
I don't have a lot of running on my plate so far for 2013, I am really going to try to find different races, races that are not only fun, but also longer than 3.1 miles.  So far, I have a 5 mile race this Saturday. I guess people usually get a costumed up, and maybe I still will, but I am more worried about staying warm than dressing up.  Who knows, I still might.We will see how this week goes. My allergies have been a little jacked up. I am on allergy medicine and while I feel like I am going die at times, I also think I am starting to feel a little better. However, while I let it keep me from running the stairs, (I cannot believe I didn't go) I didn't let it keep me from doing Insanity. I may just may need my inhaler to do the workout, and now seeing a Robitussin commerical, I may need that as well, but I will get through Insanity. Some of my friends are a day a head of me, I am looking forward to the jello legs and those fun things that they are telling me. I will bring in the New Year with Insanity. To help celebrate the new me, and leave the old me behind. Who knows what a little Shaun T will do.

So, hopefully I will blog about my Insane adventures every day, but I also hope I don't bore you. Happy Monday! What are you doing to get through the holiday season and bring in the new year?!?!post signature