Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Week

If you are Catholic, yesterday started off Holy Week with Palm Sunday. Yes, I know this is my fitness blog, but you can't be physically fit without having some spirituality in your life. IMHO whether you practice a religion or not, I do believe you have to believe in something larger than yourself in order to compete your best. Ok, anyway, my Holy Week started with attending mass at a beautiful church on Lehigh University's campus. It was called the Incarnation of Our Lord. The Church was beautiful and while it was a small congregation the mass itself was so welcoming. I will most likely return there again.
Another Easter tradition is egg dying. Last year the wee one wasn't interested. This year, COMPLETELY different. She loved every minute of it, but I think she enjoyed her assistants more. Nothing like capturing the joy of little children to make the week/holiday even more enjoyable.

Today, as you know was a "snow" day. It is also the last Monday of the month. In training it was a swim day, and it was also my last less than a mile swim. Starting next Monday, I am up to 1 mile (at least for the month of April). I enjoyed every moment of my swim, and I can definitely tell I am getting stronger. I am really hoping this will help with my half marathons. Since it was also a snow day, and I wanted to boycott the snow, I spent some of the morning (between house work) baking. I just love how the smell of baked goods can change your mood. Anyway, I made Chocolate Coconut Raisin Muffins, a recipe from If I do say so myself, they are yummy! I will have to limit myself or they will be gone in one day!! (since I am blogging from my phone, I don't know how to put the photos into the blog here, I think they will just appear at the end)

Tuesday, Wed and Thursday are supposed to be run days. I get off of work early on Thursday, so I may go for a ride instead and run on Friday instead. This weekend is a long run, most likely on Sat with Easter being on Sunday. I am also hoping that I get up early on Sunday to ride before the Easter festivities.
I have so much to be thankful for, I want to make sure I am training my best for the half, I want to make myself proud, but more importantly I want to make those that believe in me just as proud.
I am thankful that I sweated it out today. Did you?!?

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