Sunday, March 10, 2013

And then there were 8...

Miles that is. Today was an 8 mile training run. As you may know from following me on Facebook, my cousin's girlfriend started running with me just because. Running has blossomed our relationship into a friendship and I cherish the time we get to spend together running. Today, she picked the destination, and she chose the trail at Sand Island. I don't think I have ever ran this trail, but it was really nice. As we progressed into our run, I did recognize it from running into the opposite direction, but I don't think I have ever run that far to go from Palmer to Sand island. Anyway, these run usually cover every topic of conversation imaginable. Today, we discussed next weeks run (it's only a 5k) and how we're going to dress silly for St Patrick's Day. We also talked about what it was like when I had my daughter, to small chit chat about the scenery and seeing a chiropractor. When you run for 8 miles any topic is game!
I really appreciate the fact that she is running just to run with me and at the same time she is helping me train for my half. I cannot believe that it is only 48 days away! Aaak! I am hoping to do her proud at the half, I do feel like I am dragging her along. Since we talk about EVERYTHING we talk often about the trip to the beach that we have coming up in Aug. My cousin is marrying her best friend, so while she will be in the wedding, I will be AT the same wedding. It's at the beach, a place that I find relaxing yet nerve wracking at the same time. Anyway, we talked about how we want to look our best for said wedding, and how this running will definitely help us get there. But, I have the half to worry about first. Running with her has definitely sparked my love for running and fitness all over again. I cannot thank her enough for running with me and putting up with my training plan. 8 miles is far, but it's even further when you don't HAVE to do it!

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