Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend in Review

Since it was the weekend, I am sorry I didn't blog. I figured I can always recap the events on Monday to give me something to do. So, here is the happenings of the weekend.
Friday was its normal busy day at work. Since I work until 7:30 pm most Fridays, I asked to go home a little early so I could start my weekend a little earlier. Wouldn't you know, we got busy. It wasn't in the cards for me to leave early. However, I still ended up leaving an hour early. At this point, I was just so tired I was going to just go home and veg. After I was all dressed and ready to go home, I looked down and saw my bag with my workout clothes in them. I felt guilty, so I got undressed and then redressed into my workout clothes. I went to the fitness center where I live and hit the elliptical. I I pushed myself to get the 3 miles in. I felt tired, but energized because I got the workout in. I then proceeded to enjoy Friday night with my family.

Saturday mornings, I used to try to make a 730 running appointment. I am almost late since my husband doesn't get he until 730 from work, and then I used to be upset bc I was late and then it used to be a miserable run from rushing around. So, I started to think outside the box and think of other things I can do. There is a small bike shop near where I live where I got my bike, where I took it to get serviced. Anyway, his wife is hosting Female Only rides on Saturday mornings at 9am. Now, that is something I can do with less rushing around. So, I went to the ride. It was my first time on my bike in FOREVER! But, I was there, and rode the best I could for the 10 miles of the ride. There were HILLS (I think 5 total) and I was only able to make it up 3 of the hills without walking my bike. I was frustrated that here I am running all these miles and I can't make it up these hills, but I was there. I had a fun. I forgot how much I love biking. I can't wait to ride again, and my goal is to hopefully make it up one more of those hills!!

Yesterday, as you know, was St Patty's Day. My training plan called for a 5k, so my friend and I were going to make it a fun run. So, I waited to run with her, and unfortunately she got tied up with house hunting. Unfortunate because she couldn't make the run, not because she was house hunting. Anyway, when I couldn't wait any more, I got dolled up and ran. It was freezing! But since it was so much fun being dressed up, on my 10K run, maybe I will dress up again.

So, I think it was a great weekend! I went to bed late last night so I didn't get up to swim this morning. I think I needed a rest day, and hopefully tonight I will do kettle bell workout. But, for now here's a pic from by run. Have a great week!!

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