Thursday, March 7, 2013

Twisted Thursday

For cross training lately, I have been swimming, but I have also been using the elliptical machine. I don't hate it, but really, running outside is by far more superior in my eyes. Today, I thought I would mix things up a little bit. Since I am so totally addicted to the tv show Once Upon A Time, I thought maybe I would try to watch an episode while running on the treadmill. Well, it managed to distract me enough to get my 3 miles in AND not loathe the treadmill. It does lead me to think that there is a possibility that I might run some more on the treadmill and elliptical. MAYBE just maybe it isn't terrible if I have something to distract the fact that it is the dreadmill after all.  Just when I think I enjoy it, I remember this....
and, for when I want to quit...
Jilian Michael's quote to live by.  Thanks to her I've lost 40 pounds and still counting! Her shred and treadmill routines are intense but worth it!

This adventure is so totally worth it. Everything that I am doing will pay off with every race I do, every run I have in everything I do. There is more to life than running, it's just that running as more spice! Running is where I do my thinking, where I get to be me. It's me time, even if I am running with someone else. It's all about clearing the mind, and knowing that the rest will follow. Work hard, live hard, play harder. Everything IS worth it!
Have a great weekend eve.
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