Sunday, March 3, 2013

55 Days

In 53 days I will be driving to Arlington VA for the run of a lifetime. We are going early so that we can relax on Fri, head to the expo on Sat and hopefully meet up with some friends, one who I've known since high school and as of right now 2 that I will be meeting for the first time. Maybe have some time to do some touristy things on Sat before the big show on Sin. I am tailing about the Inaugural Nike Women's Half. I can't believe it is only 54 days away! My first half of the year, and my third total. I can't believe how nervous I am getting already! But, lucky training is going well, really well actually.
I haven't been running with my running club lately. I miss them, but sometimes I don't feel like I belong there. But, I also hate, no detest running solo. Luck would have it, my cousin's girlfriend is pretty awesome and just decided she would do my long runs with me. Really, just because I make "running fun." She is so awesome, my last training run of 7 miles just flew by. I can't wait until next Sunday am our 8 mile outing. My feet feel great, and even walking just a little bit to rest my foot, feels great and guilt free too!

But, back to the half. While running with said friend, my theme for outfit came to me. Since the half is IN DC, how appropriate would it be for me to wear red white and blue. So, I contacted Katie, owner of BAMR bands to see if she could help me out. Well, not only is she hooking me up, I will also get to meet her IRL. So, she let me choose between two options.

I chose the top headband (stars and stripes) as my starting point for my what to wear. Now the rest of the planning can begin. Idk how I am going to pull off this idea, is April too early to wear a white running skirt?!?

Anyway, happy running, great training!


  1. You are going to love running in DC. It is incredible. Take some time and see some stuff. I love it there. You do belong with the group, btw. It is just going through growing pains. We need to get back to the steps!

  2. Yes, Bob, we do need the steps. I know I need the steps. There is something like therapy when running up and down those stadium steps. The more steps I did, the less I felt like torture. Soon, I hope to bike with you as well!