Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Half Marathon training

I have a little over 70 days until my first half marathon for this year. This is the time when my training steps up, my nerves start to build and I start to remember how much I love running distances.  I also must admit that I have not verbally committed to 4 more additional halfs or is it halves... this year, which brings me at 5 for the year! Yikes! So glad I got my orthotics today. Anyway, like for my previous half marathon training plans, I am using Hal Higdon's schedule. It has be running TWR and Sat. With M and F as off days and Sun as cross training days. I think I have changed my off days to Sunday and Fridays, but I am sure that is fine too. I have been trying to swim Monday mornings and the mornings of my day off, and I am doing only 1/2 a mile for now, but I will hopefully be doing a full mile twice a week soon. My mid week runs are so going to be hard until it stays light out longer, in the mean time I am going to be alternating between the elliptical and the treadmill. Tonight is a 4 mile training run. I was originally going to run outside during the day today, but instead, I am going to run with the local shoe store. Aardvark in their weekly Wednesday group runs.  Anyway, this week's run is called "Love to Run" and we get a pair of socks and chocolates! Whoot whoot!! I personally do not enjoy running solo, and that is usually how most if not all of my runs are. At least twice a month, on my Wednesdays off,  I can run with this group, to meet other runners, and to get outside more for my runs.
So, I cannot wait to blog about tonight's run! I also can't wait to share my half marathon training, for this and for my many races this year. But, before I go...

Have a great Wednesday me Mateys!
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