Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Week

If you are Catholic, yesterday started off Holy Week with Palm Sunday. Yes, I know this is my fitness blog, but you can't be physically fit without having some spirituality in your life. IMHO whether you practice a religion or not, I do believe you have to believe in something larger than yourself in order to compete your best. Ok, anyway, my Holy Week started with attending mass at a beautiful church on Lehigh University's campus. It was called the Incarnation of Our Lord. The Church was beautiful and while it was a small congregation the mass itself was so welcoming. I will most likely return there again.
Another Easter tradition is egg dying. Last year the wee one wasn't interested. This year, COMPLETELY different. She loved every minute of it, but I think she enjoyed her assistants more. Nothing like capturing the joy of little children to make the week/holiday even more enjoyable.

Today, as you know was a "snow" day. It is also the last Monday of the month. In training it was a swim day, and it was also my last less than a mile swim. Starting next Monday, I am up to 1 mile (at least for the month of April). I enjoyed every moment of my swim, and I can definitely tell I am getting stronger. I am really hoping this will help with my half marathons. Since it was also a snow day, and I wanted to boycott the snow, I spent some of the morning (between house work) baking. I just love how the smell of baked goods can change your mood. Anyway, I made Chocolate Coconut Raisin Muffins, a recipe from If I do say so myself, they are yummy! I will have to limit myself or they will be gone in one day!! (since I am blogging from my phone, I don't know how to put the photos into the blog here, I think they will just appear at the end)

Tuesday, Wed and Thursday are supposed to be run days. I get off of work early on Thursday, so I may go for a ride instead and run on Friday instead. This weekend is a long run, most likely on Sat with Easter being on Sunday. I am also hoping that I get up early on Sunday to ride before the Easter festivities.
I have so much to be thankful for, I want to make sure I am training my best for the half, I want to make myself proud, but more importantly I want to make those that believe in me just as proud.
I am thankful that I sweated it out today. Did you?!?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend in Review

Since it was the weekend, I am sorry I didn't blog. I figured I can always recap the events on Monday to give me something to do. So, here is the happenings of the weekend.
Friday was its normal busy day at work. Since I work until 7:30 pm most Fridays, I asked to go home a little early so I could start my weekend a little earlier. Wouldn't you know, we got busy. It wasn't in the cards for me to leave early. However, I still ended up leaving an hour early. At this point, I was just so tired I was going to just go home and veg. After I was all dressed and ready to go home, I looked down and saw my bag with my workout clothes in them. I felt guilty, so I got undressed and then redressed into my workout clothes. I went to the fitness center where I live and hit the elliptical. I I pushed myself to get the 3 miles in. I felt tired, but energized because I got the workout in. I then proceeded to enjoy Friday night with my family.

Saturday mornings, I used to try to make a 730 running appointment. I am almost late since my husband doesn't get he until 730 from work, and then I used to be upset bc I was late and then it used to be a miserable run from rushing around. So, I started to think outside the box and think of other things I can do. There is a small bike shop near where I live where I got my bike, where I took it to get serviced. Anyway, his wife is hosting Female Only rides on Saturday mornings at 9am. Now, that is something I can do with less rushing around. So, I went to the ride. It was my first time on my bike in FOREVER! But, I was there, and rode the best I could for the 10 miles of the ride. There were HILLS (I think 5 total) and I was only able to make it up 3 of the hills without walking my bike. I was frustrated that here I am running all these miles and I can't make it up these hills, but I was there. I had a fun. I forgot how much I love biking. I can't wait to ride again, and my goal is to hopefully make it up one more of those hills!!

Yesterday, as you know, was St Patty's Day. My training plan called for a 5k, so my friend and I were going to make it a fun run. So, I waited to run with her, and unfortunately she got tied up with house hunting. Unfortunate because she couldn't make the run, not because she was house hunting. Anyway, when I couldn't wait any more, I got dolled up and ran. It was freezing! But since it was so much fun being dressed up, on my 10K run, maybe I will dress up again.

So, I think it was a great weekend! I went to bed late last night so I didn't get up to swim this morning. I think I needed a rest day, and hopefully tonight I will do kettle bell workout. But, for now here's a pic from by run. Have a great week!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekend eve

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a fantastic week so far. I know here in PA, we have had semi-nice weather, so I have been going outside as much as possible. Also, going outside of my comfort zone a little bit too. You know, you  have to spice up life. Anyway, as you know, I didn't make it to the pool on Monday morning, by body told me it needed a rest day. Tuesday, I called out of work because some of my colleagues thought I had pink eye and since 1- I am a nurse and 2- it is highly contagious, I needed to make sure it wasn't that. Thankfully, it is just a stye in my eye, which I have been resting aka not wearing make up to see if it will get better. (Yesterday I woke up with no signs of anything pink). So, Tuesday I hit the treadmill for 3 miles. It was the hardest 3 miles ever, I am not sure why, but I made sure to push my way through it. I had to stop and take a breather, which is weird for me,  but then I continued the run. I was so glad I didn't give up, something in my past I know I would have done.
Yesterday, was my scheduled day off so after I took the babes to daycare, I hit the pool. I felt great! I swam 3/4 of a mile and loved every minute of my time in the pool. I can tell that the running is helping my swimming and that the swimming is helping my running. I was also supposed to run 4 miles yesterday, but instead I went to a fitness class with my BFF at the Y. Let me just tell you, just because it is at the Y, it was no joke. As a matter of fact, I woke up today and am sore, something I am not used to. My legs aren't sore, but my arms and shoulders are, from all of the arm work we did. Makes me wish I had off more Wednesdays so I could go to this class again. As much as I hated looking at myself in the mirror the entire time, I am glad I pushed myself out of the comfort zone even if it is just twice a month. I will hopefully be making that a twice a month happening as my schedule allows.
Today, I will be doing 4 miles, most likely on the elliptical. After working 10 hours, I just want to get it done, and for some reason I can push myself really hard on there. Tomorrow will be 3 miles and then on Saturday will be my first bike ride in I don't know how long. I will post more about that Saturday after the ride. Some words of wisdom for this week...
from here 

Uh, yeah!
from here

Have a great day my pirate matey's! Have a fantastic rest of the week! Until we chat again, SweatPink!post signature

Sunday, March 10, 2013

And then there were 8...

Miles that is. Today was an 8 mile training run. As you may know from following me on Facebook, my cousin's girlfriend started running with me just because. Running has blossomed our relationship into a friendship and I cherish the time we get to spend together running. Today, she picked the destination, and she chose the trail at Sand Island. I don't think I have ever ran this trail, but it was really nice. As we progressed into our run, I did recognize it from running into the opposite direction, but I don't think I have ever run that far to go from Palmer to Sand island. Anyway, these run usually cover every topic of conversation imaginable. Today, we discussed next weeks run (it's only a 5k) and how we're going to dress silly for St Patrick's Day. We also talked about what it was like when I had my daughter, to small chit chat about the scenery and seeing a chiropractor. When you run for 8 miles any topic is game!
I really appreciate the fact that she is running just to run with me and at the same time she is helping me train for my half. I cannot believe that it is only 48 days away! Aaak! I am hoping to do her proud at the half, I do feel like I am dragging her along. Since we talk about EVERYTHING we talk often about the trip to the beach that we have coming up in Aug. My cousin is marrying her best friend, so while she will be in the wedding, I will be AT the same wedding. It's at the beach, a place that I find relaxing yet nerve wracking at the same time. Anyway, we talked about how we want to look our best for said wedding, and how this running will definitely help us get there. But, I have the half to worry about first. Running with her has definitely sparked my love for running and fitness all over again. I cannot thank her enough for running with me and putting up with my training plan. 8 miles is far, but it's even further when you don't HAVE to do it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Twisted Thursday

For cross training lately, I have been swimming, but I have also been using the elliptical machine. I don't hate it, but really, running outside is by far more superior in my eyes. Today, I thought I would mix things up a little bit. Since I am so totally addicted to the tv show Once Upon A Time, I thought maybe I would try to watch an episode while running on the treadmill. Well, it managed to distract me enough to get my 3 miles in AND not loathe the treadmill. It does lead me to think that there is a possibility that I might run some more on the treadmill and elliptical. MAYBE just maybe it isn't terrible if I have something to distract the fact that it is the dreadmill after all.  Just when I think I enjoy it, I remember this....
and, for when I want to quit...
Jilian Michael's quote to live by.  Thanks to her I've lost 40 pounds and still counting! Her shred and treadmill routines are intense but worth it!

This adventure is so totally worth it. Everything that I am doing will pay off with every race I do, every run I have in everything I do. There is more to life than running, it's just that running as more spice! Running is where I do my thinking, where I get to be me. It's me time, even if I am running with someone else. It's all about clearing the mind, and knowing that the rest will follow. Work hard, live hard, play harder. Everything IS worth it!
Have a great weekend eve.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...

You are...

Why Do People Say “Grow Some Balls”?
Don't give up
And because this just made me laugh...
hahahah more rhinestones!
Happy Wednesday me matey's. Make it a great day, and kick ass!
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Randomness

I just planned a random road trip for May. I guess it isn't random if I am starting to plan it now, but I love the idea of where I am planning on going. It will be conducive to running, (goodness is that now a factor?!?) but will hopefully have beautiful weather and family to join me. I also know that it is to far out to really truly plan it, the weather changes daily and so does life, but at least I know there is something good coming out of all this coldness.

So, back in August I did an Ab challenge. I know I am area day 5 days into this month, but I am going to start this challenge today. I AM! No excuses. Tomorrow, I am going to get up earlier than normal and try to do a kettle bell workout that was sent to me. Keep the body guessing right?!?

I am not really happy with how I look right now, but I know what I NEED to focus on. All the work that I have done so far to get to where I am was just that WORK. I have to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry, not just bored. Bathing suit, shorts and tank top season is sneaking up. I don't want to feel like I didn't try, I WILL know that I did all I could to get ready for it!!
Enclosed is the ab workout, feel free to try it out yourself. How are you getting summer ready?

Monday, March 4, 2013

4:30 AM

The world is silent at 4:30. I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed getting up that early knowing that my rest day would now be an active rest day. I was undecided with how far I would swim, but I kept telling myself that like running, I need to ease my way back into it. That is something that is sometimes hard for me to do, ease back into something. Especially when it comes to swimming. I have always been a swimmer, so I never thought I would have trouble swimming. And by trouble I mean stiffness. When I started my Monday morning swims jn Jan, they were inconsistent at best. I remember one of my swims, I went right after it, swimming a mile right away. I felt good just tired. Until the next day. I was stiff and sore. The next day it was worse. It took 3 days and Aleve for the stiffness to go away. So, I skipped the next Monday. When Feb came, I promised myself to go every Monday. I think I only missed 1 Mon. I also was smarter this time, with my swims only being 1/2 a mile. I was proud of how great it felt, and how I wasn't sore. So, I promised myself that when March came I would increase my distance and was contemplating doing the mile today.
Then, (I promise the rambling is almost over) I thought back to when I started running. How the c25k program had you run and walk and eased you into more running and less walking. I remember what it was like when I first started running and how much I thought I was going to die. So, I decided to do 3/4 of a mile. It felt nice. It was easy-ish, but I knew it was better than doing nothing. It was great feeling the water over my skin. I miss it sometimes. But, I also know how much, or I think I know how much this will help my running.
In the meantime, until I figure it out, I will keep Mondays with swimming as my active rest day. In 54 days, I will see if it hurt or hinders my half marathon training.
Hope you have a great Monday. Do you do active rest days when training?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

55 Days

In 53 days I will be driving to Arlington VA for the run of a lifetime. We are going early so that we can relax on Fri, head to the expo on Sat and hopefully meet up with some friends, one who I've known since high school and as of right now 2 that I will be meeting for the first time. Maybe have some time to do some touristy things on Sat before the big show on Sin. I am tailing about the Inaugural Nike Women's Half. I can't believe it is only 54 days away! My first half of the year, and my third total. I can't believe how nervous I am getting already! But, lucky training is going well, really well actually.
I haven't been running with my running club lately. I miss them, but sometimes I don't feel like I belong there. But, I also hate, no detest running solo. Luck would have it, my cousin's girlfriend is pretty awesome and just decided she would do my long runs with me. Really, just because I make "running fun." She is so awesome, my last training run of 7 miles just flew by. I can't wait until next Sunday am our 8 mile outing. My feet feel great, and even walking just a little bit to rest my foot, feels great and guilt free too!

But, back to the half. While running with said friend, my theme for outfit came to me. Since the half is IN DC, how appropriate would it be for me to wear red white and blue. So, I contacted Katie, owner of BAMR bands to see if she could help me out. Well, not only is she hooking me up, I will also get to meet her IRL. So, she let me choose between two options.

I chose the top headband (stars and stripes) as my starting point for my what to wear. Now the rest of the planning can begin. Idk how I am going to pull off this idea, is April too early to wear a white running skirt?!?

Anyway, happy running, great training!