Friday, November 30, 2012

Fitness Friday

After getting my butt kicked yesterday from Level 3 of 30 Day Shred, I was totally looking forward to getting back at it today. Unfortunately, my allergies have flared up and I can hardly breathe. I know I will be ok, I am on my allergy medicine, it just takes some time to stabilize all the junk floating around my head. Sorry for all the gross details, but I keep it real here. Ha! However, since I am not doing the 30 day shred this morning, I am still going to get some activities in today. I am meeting with a Beachbody coach to discuss my new adventure in the business and with taking my fitness to the next level. Eeek. I start Insanity too. After this meeting, I will run the steps at Lafayette. It might take me longer than usual, but I need to do them. They are paying off (at least I want to believe they are). I am trying to let my legs rest.  Haha, rest so only doing one workout not 2. 

Tomorrow, my friend is hosting a run. It's an awesomely scary thing because there are rules and stuff but not stuff like normal runs.  This run is a loop of 4.4 miles in length. It starts at the top of the hour and the next loop starts at the top of the next hour and so forth. If you don't finish the loop before the next one starts, you are timed out. Apparently this race can go for hours. I am planning on only running 1 loop, but if my running legs are there, maybe I will be able to get 2 full loops.  Next Saturday I have a 5 mile race. I am looking forward to it because the distance seems awesome. I feel that a 5K is too short and with feeling under the weather I don't think I will die with 5miles (right now, 6 might seem forever).
Well, I better get going. I have to get ready for the day and wake my sleeping sweet baby girl. I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I will let you know how the loopy loop race goes!post signature

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