Monday, November 5, 2012

The Stairwell to Mt Everest

If you follow me on instagram or Facebook you would know that I had a rough week between working out (or lack there of) and eating (not the best work this weekend). Anyway, one of my awesome friends posted how today was a clean slate and clean plate. So, I vowed to pick myself up and brush it off. I cannot change last week, but I can move forward one step at a time starting today. So, I did. I woke up knowing that I needed to eat better, especially with all of my talks about running more half marathons and maybe a full or 2 next year. I know that when I eat better I want to work out. So. I ate healthy. Maybe not enough for breakfast (that always seems to be my problem) but I ate healthy. Then, I hit the steps. No, not your average stair stepper. I headed off to Lafayette to run their steps their. When I did it on Friday, I made it a game. Yes, I am aware that I am making myself sound crazy. But I thought that If I break it up into sets, then I won't lose track of what number I was on. So, I run all the way up the top, do 10 crunches, run down and then do 10 more crunches. I take a 5 second break and then do the halfway steps. At the top of these steps, I do 10 crunches, and then run down and do 10 more crunches.  This is one set. I rest longer in between sets. I give my heart rate time to come down, and catch my breath.  I did 5 sets; 10 total stair repeats. That is what Bob and I have been doing, except that we sometimes lose count. By early spring next year, I want to continue with the sets, but instead of each set containing 1 long and 1 short, I want them to be all long. I think that will definitely help with training for my running.

Anyway, I posted this picture at the end of my workout today...

And while I know this is a corny picture, (I am terrible with self-photography) when I posted it to instagram, I got the best reaction from a follower who I didn't know was actually following me. Anyway, this person said this... "is this the stairway to Mt Everest of what? Can't even see the top. You rock!!!" I responded how it wasn't the stairway to Mt Everest but just steps at a local college's stadium. And how they just made me feel bad ass.  They responded back "We've done stairs but nothing like those! We've got to get our game back on!!"

Thank you instagram follower designerwhey1 for making me feel bad ass! You helped refuel my drive again! Remember, if you are reading this and are ever in my area, bring it, there are plenty of enough steps for all of us! Even if it isn't to Mt Everest.

Tomorrow I will go back to the 30 Day Shred. Jillian Michaels needs to kick my butt and I enjoy it.
Have a great Monday!
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