Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sad yet exciting day

Today, is a sad yet exciting day. How is that possible, you may be thinking, well sit right there and I will tell you. Today is the night before Thanksgiving. Ok, still don't get it. Thanksgiving last year was my first 5K race EVER!! And here it is, the eve of that day 1 year later. I am running that race again tomorrow, as I may every year because of it's significance to me, and I cannot believe how far I have come.  Today, I took down my display of my race bibs from Nov 2011-until today. When I started running, I only imagined signing up for that one race, but something clicked. I never felt so alive as I am running. It's my chance to push myself, and it was something I wouldn't have known had I not signed up for that first race. I cannot believe that a year later, I have run a few 5ks, a 10k and 2 half marathons! Not only that, some of my friends are coming to me asking me for assistance to get them into running. Wait?!?! How did that happen? When did people start looking up to me?!?!  So,  I took down my race bibs and put them in a safe place until I figure something else to do with them. Today is the day that I start with a clean slate. I will reflect on what races I want to participate in this year and what races I most likely won't repeat. I will be looking for longer races (Preferably greater than 5K) and will think of other ways to work in cross training. I just cannot believe how fast that year has come and how when I am having a talk with someone over running, when it comes to a 5K I say "It's only a 5K," not intending for it to come out that way. Ahh well. I will work on that.  Later today, I will be running steps with Bob. He got me hooked on running them, I blame him for my steps obsession.

Tonight, I will be beginning our Thanksgiving festivities.  It will start with taking my daughter to my old high school to see the Bonfire. My high school plays a football game every year (I believe this is the 160th meeting) and the night before is a huge bonfire.  The seniors in high school started collecting wood Mon and then slept out last night to protect the pile of wood. Tonight it will get set on fire. My daughter was too young last year to go, but this year we will be taking her. After that, my cousin and his wife will be hosting their annual Thanksgiving Eve party. My cousin's wife's family comes up for Thanksgiving from Tennessee and we celebrate their arrival. I cannot wait. In the meantime, my sister J will be traveling from Chicago to join us tomorrow for food, family, fun.
So while this blog is about my fitness and all that, this blogpost today was a little about everything else. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving eve, but an even better and blessed Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be Thankful this year, and I cannot wait to see where the new year will bring signature

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