Monday, December 3, 2012

I am going Insane!!!

No, I haven't lost my mine. Or wait, maybe I have. But, since I feel like my weight loss has hit a plateau, I am trying to kick it up a notch. So, I started Insanity. Today was only the Fitness test, and I have 4 words for kicks your a$$! Sorry for the expletive, but seriously, I thought I was somewhat in shape, then I did this and oye vey! The next 60 days are going to be interesting. Is it bad that I am looking forward to my rest week already?!? No, seriously I am excited to see what Insanity will do for me and my roundness. If you saw me post on facebook about getting beach wedding ready, no, I am not renewing vows, but I have a cousin who is getting married at the beach this summer and I am looking forward to going, just not looking forward to the bathing suit part. So, hopefully after finishing insanity, I will be bathing suit ready. I will finish Insanity the end of Jan. I will try to do it again in June to do last minute tone-ups before the wedding. I know that the wedding is not about me, but I want to be comfortable on vacation, and yes, I am using the wedding as my excuse.
I don't have a lot of running on my plate so far for 2013, I am really going to try to find different races, races that are not only fun, but also longer than 3.1 miles.  So far, I have a 5 mile race this Saturday. I guess people usually get a costumed up, and maybe I still will, but I am more worried about staying warm than dressing up.  Who knows, I still might.We will see how this week goes. My allergies have been a little jacked up. I am on allergy medicine and while I feel like I am going die at times, I also think I am starting to feel a little better. However, while I let it keep me from running the stairs, (I cannot believe I didn't go) I didn't let it keep me from doing Insanity. I may just may need my inhaler to do the workout, and now seeing a Robitussin commerical, I may need that as well, but I will get through Insanity. Some of my friends are a day a head of me, I am looking forward to the jello legs and those fun things that they are telling me. I will bring in the New Year with Insanity. To help celebrate the new me, and leave the old me behind. Who knows what a little Shaun T will do.

So, hopefully I will blog about my Insane adventures every day, but I also hope I don't bore you. Happy Monday! What are you doing to get through the holiday season and bring in the new year?!?!post signature

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