Saturday, November 3, 2012

Foodie PenPals

I know this is late, but without internet, I was not able to post my foodie penpal reveal on Oct 31. This month, my foodie pal, Caitlin did an awesome job with picking out a few of the best treats that I have ever had.
 Those stickers, yeah, they didn't last long, my daughter snatched those up right away!!
 Resealed for more enjoyment, yes, that does say Pumpkin Spice!!
 Yumm, more Pumpkin!!!
 These are the best! They even made awesome inflight food on our recent trip to Chicago. I so NEED a Trader Joe's!
 I haven't tried this yet, but today is definitely going to be the day!!!
 I have no idea what Cashew Butter is, but I love cashews and I am always looking forward to a new way to treat my bagels...tomorrow, I will be trying this badboy!!
 These did not last, at all! I love this so much better than the other brand!
 All of the loot! What an awesome treat!!

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