Monday, May 20, 2013

NYC Expo and Friends

As you know, I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon this past weekend. If you follow my personal blog here then you know what I did on Friday when I first got to NYC.  But, I don't need to talk about that again, since this is about the expo. So, I met my friend super fast friend Melissa on the platform for the AC train and it wasn't until a mild panic that I learned that it was the Downtown train. I live in a small town that doesn't have a subway system, so this was all new to me. After we met up, we continued on the train to head to Brooklyn for the race Expo. We got off the train and started walking, although we didn't really know the way. As we were walking, randomly against a wall was this sign...

 Then, the signs started popping up everywhere. We knew we were getting close.
We got to the expo, and I got to pick up my bib...Ok, now this is real!!!!

Random sign hanging up at the expo
The local running store, JackRabbit was really the only vendor there beside New Balance. And, it was hot, and I was really thirsty, so I bought one of these bad boys...

It tasted just like frozen Gatorade, and I am thinking that I might need this for summer fueling. And, in case calories matter, it was only 30 calories. There wasn't really much at the expo, except a DJ and live music (not quite sure how that worked), and some New Balance people who talked about stride, cadence, form and posture. We walked to the adjacent food tent and there was only samples at 1 table. I was a little disappointed with the expo, especially with all of the hype they were giving it. St Luke's Half Marathon and Runner's World Expos were 1000 times better. After we walked around, I had to stop and take this picture...

I agree, this is the best expo LOCATION, although not the best expo itself.

My friend Melissa and I at the Expo.
 Did I mention she is super fast? No, well she got first in her age group for the half, I think she finished it in 1:28 and some change. 

As we were leaving the expo, we also met with another friend Angela. Angela, Melissa and I all met last summer at a SweatPink Ambassador Meetup. Angela is funny, and whitty and writes her own blog about her adventures here. And while she wasn't running this weekend, she said she couldn't pass up sympathy carb loading. We got back on the subway and headed foL' Allegria for dinner. I have to say, the food was amazing,  I ordered their gluten free penne with oil and garlic. It was delicious  and light and filling, and will probably be my new carb loading type meal. I didn't really want to get sick the day before a big race, I think I asked them 1000 times if it really was gluten free.

Here is the three of us  after dinner. 

It was the best food and the best company. After dinner we headed to get some gelato, I can't say I ever had any before. and the original place we went to was no longer in business. I wish I remember the name of the place we did find, it was really wonderful gelato. Of course, I opted safe with Strawberry. 

While we were walking around we talked all things running. We talked about form, shoes, everything. They even talked about how their local running store puts you on a treadmill and films your running to check your stride. I was so curious, so we went and of course, I HAD to make sure that my stride was correct. I haven't really had anyone look at my stride since I got my orthotics in, so I thought it was the perfect time. I am still a neutral runner, and since I am close to my 300 mile mark, I asked them to show me some new neutral shoes. I fell in love with these babies..
But, I am going to go to Aardvark's and look around there too. I feel like my shoes are too heavy, and I wonder if a lighter shoe will help me out.

 Everything about this day was perfect. It was a great pre race day. Not too much walking, not too much food, but GREAT friends and lots of smiles and laughs.  I don't know when I will see these girls again, but I hope soon.

Have you ever been to an expo that didn't live up to your expectations? What do you like about expos? Do you have a pre-race carb-loading meal?
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  1. So many people ran this race. I kind of feel like I missed out on not doing it. I hate when expos aren't awesome.