Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A week worth of weakness and no excuses

And I hadn't blogged. I really need to work on that. I am going to try to start today, I can't promise that you will always get these long posts, but something is better than nothing right? So, what happened in the past week. I ran 4.5 miles pain free on Saturday. I had yoga again on Sunday. Yesterday was my day off. I am realizing that I am cramming in a lot of things on my day off and I need to try to limit what I do. There really is only a little bit of time in 8 hours. Well, yesterday I had a Physical therapy appointment which to put it nicely was emotional for me. I am not used to being injured, but also not used to being told I was weak. It wasn't a jab at me personally, but at my physical fitness. Through therapy, the therapist has learned that my hips are really weak, and that is the reason why I am having the foot pain. My hip gets tired, and it transcends to my foot which gets tired and then my foot strike changes and alas, I get the foot pain. It just wasn't something I was expecting to hear, but, it isn't really a set back right?!? If I know what is weak, I know what I have to do to recover. By recovering, I will get stronger and then I can run a pain free half. Which, is important to me since I have 3 half marathons on my radar for this year. I believe without reservations, that I will be able to complete those half marathons, its just a matter of strengthening my hip and getting rid of the pain.
Anyway, I had some free time yesterday from when I was finished visiting with a friend to when I had to pick my daughter up from day care. I had run every excuse in my head, "not enough time," "she will be disappointed if I don't pick her up early," yadda yadda yadda. I was talking with a friend and her text one text hit me hard "no excuses."  So, I threw all those excuses out the window, I ran home, grabbed my swimming stuff and headed to the Y. I managed to get in a 1/2 mile in 20 minutes. With enough time to get the exercise in, and still get M from daycare. I felt so much better since I was able to get it in, and I know that I didn't feel like my day was a waste.  I have my friend to thank for telling me "no excuses" and that is my mantra.  It will be applied to more than just my fitness, it will be applied to where ever I can.  Hopefully that means more blogging, more photos of life as it happens, more enjoyment of everyday life.
But, I better get moving. I have to get ready for work and I want to do 10 burpess before I shower. I hope you have a great day! Remember, to live today to the fullest, and make "no excuses!" Sweatpink, sweat strong just remember to sweat!
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