Monday, January 7, 2013

An unhealthy relationship

My name is Michele and I have err had an unhealthy relationship with ice cream. I am not sure if it was an addiction, no, it was. And admitting it is the beginning of the healing process. See, I relied on ice cream when I was sad, frustrated, scared even bored. I never went to it when I was happy or excited, it was for only when I was feeling bad about something.  It is about time that I stop this relationship before it gets any more addicting, or more detrimental. I made a promise to myself that this was going to be my year. My year for a better me. It has to start with what I bring into my body, working out will not erase all of the bad choices that I make. So, I am kissing my ice cream to the curb. I am now in the market for alternatives to ice cream, and by alternatives I don't necessarily mean food. Whether it is to turn to meditation, or yoga, a walk or something, I will find something else that will help break the ice cream addiction. I am not saying that I won't eat the ice cream at parties or other times like that, but I am not going to eat it when I am feeling blue. In this new adventure of healthier me, I continue to stay gluten free. I am disappointed that Ben and Jerry's has not developed a gluten free ice cream, but then again, for me that is a good thing. I will just need to look into other brands, choices, healthier decisions when I NEED sweets.  But, I feel this is going to be a huge learning curve for me. But, I am excited to see what coping mechanisms I come up with now that ice cream is out of the picture. If you have any suggestions as to what I can or should try as a pick me up.
I am going to keep this short, the ND-AL game is on. ND isn't playing pretty right now, but hopefully things will turn around.
Have a great night my mateys!
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