Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catching a wave...

So, as you know, I have been going to therapy for my neuroma on my foot. I also have been waiting for my inserts to help alleviate the pain associated with the neuroma. Anyway, they have not arrived yet, but my training for my half marathon must go on.  This is officially the first week of half marathon training, and I was hoping to have them now so that I can begin to break them in.... Anyway, I had a race on Sunday. It was the LVRR's SuperBowl 10K. I was super worried about it, as mile 6 is when I usually get pain in my foot. So, since I set goals for EVERY race, I kept these simple...start, finish, have fun. But, also finish in 2.5 hours and  hopefully race pain free. The day before the race, it snowed, so on race day I added not to get hurt. 
This was my view before the race, how I could not enjoy every single moment with scenery like this!

  Well, I was happy that I had a race buddy to run with. I had met Jo at one of the BCR outings, she is an ultra runner, and it was great to have her for company for the race. She kept me sane the whole 6.2 miles. I was happy that I finished the race in 1 hour and 9 minutes, but more importantly my foot did not hurt me.
This is me after the race, some cute couple were fighting over how I should stand for this picture...

As much as I know I complain about going to physical therapy ( I want results when it comes to therapy right away) maybe physical therapy is helping me after all.  I just can't wait to see how my foot and my running evolves once I get the inserts.

A friend of mine over at Crazy Healthy Fit started a burpee challenge that runs until Valentine's Day. I started the challenge late in the game, but I also am fully committed to it.  I know her challenge ends on Valentine's Day, but I am going to keep doing them. I actually am going to keep track of them until the end of February so I can see how capable I really am. Here is my tally from the 4th. Since then I added 3 more sets of 10 on the 5th and I have yet to do my 10 today. I usually do my first set in the morning, but my sweet babe was sick so I didn't get any sleep.

So, since my sweet babe had a fever, I have gotten little sleep. I didn't get to run yesterday, and although I was supposed to run today, I chose a quick swim. That was something I knew I could do while the wee one napped. Glad I got that in. Tomorrow I will hit the dreaded treadmill for a 3 mile run, and then Saturday I will be out for 5 (weather depending). I have exactly 80 days until my first half marathon of the year, and it looks like my calendar is booming with races. I have planned for unofficially 4 half marathons this year! Oh, I hope my foot will cooperate, so I am planning the rest of my races after the one in April.  

I plan to continue my burpees daily and swim 1 to 2 days a week. Plus try to squeeze in 3 days of running during the week and then I have my long runs for the weekend.

Here's to excitement over the next 12 weeks! Sweat Pink!
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