Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is hard

Not blogging, no I don't find that hard, this making the time for life to happen, yeah, that is hard. See, I work 10 hours a day/4 days a week. When I trained for my last half marathon, I worked 8 hours and worked 3-11. It wasn't ideal, but M had to be in daycare by 9am so it gave me all day to get my runs and cross training in. Now, I work 9-730. Even if I take her to daycare at 7, it leaves me little time to get my runs in nor does it really give me time to get to the gym. Maybe an hour tops. Maybe I could make it work. Maybe, if all the stars and planets aligned.  Before it got so dark so quickly, I started taking M on jogs with me after work. We got in 2 maybe 2.5 miles twice a week. A huge accomplishment for me, since I had never pushed a jogging stroller before. Now, it is too dark to take her out with me, and quite frankly, I don't know how safe I feel running that late by myself. So, last week, I did nothing during the week, but still managed to run 10 miles on Saturday. I honestly cannot expect myself to run well at my half if I don't do stuff during the week. But, it's hard. I am a nurse so I am on my feet all day long. I mean ALL day. Working in the Operating room doesn't really give you many opportunities to sit. And then I worry about what I am missing out with M. What can I do to cross train while she is sleeping? Will she go to bed on time so I can get my workout done before the hubs leave for work? If not, what then? I have a gym membership that isn't getting used right now. Why, because the hours that they have for daycare are no longer useful. If I don't have a place to watch her while I work out, I cannot work out. It's that simple. Right? Right?
Well, this week, I have tried to change this cycle. So far I am 3/3. Every morning I do my ab circuit. Monday I was able to do an arm workout that an awesome girl named Kacie over at Savvy Sassy Me told me I could use. Yesterday, thanks to my parents tiring her out, I was able to get M to bed early and was able to head to the Fitness Center where I live. I got to ride 8.6 miles in 30 minutes. And today, I got to run steps. Well, kinda. Yes, I did run my infamous stadium steps...
Thanks Bob for continually getting me through these things!
 Only this time, this sweet thing joined me...
What do you do with a 21 month old at a stadium while running, well, you carry her of course. Yep, 7 out of 10 times I carried her up and down those steps. I knew that if I didn't complete the task at hand I would be disappointed with myself and then well, why bother right? After all, I did just restart my allergy medicine since I have felt like crap for almost a week now? It was hard to breathe out of my nose, and I couldn't taste anything? (Whine much?) Yes, sometimes I do make mountains out of molehills...
But, I have a half marathon to get ready for.

There is no time for self pity. No time for doubt. No time for excuses.

Happy Wednesday

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