Monday, September 10, 2012

It's just another manic Monday

Today was my scheduled day off. What did I plan to do, nothing. What did I do...well...first, I took my car to the Mazda dealer because there was a recall. They told me it was only going to take 45 minutes, lies all lies. Anyway, I digress. I got to spend time with my dad while they worked on my car.

I was enjoying this fall like weather, and what does that mean...Pumpkin. So, I wanted to make these bad boys. But, mine didn't turn out to be cookies, they turned out to just be cookie crumbles :( I am sad, but I will try again. I have no idea what went wrong, and if anyone has any pointers on baking gluten free, please feel free to tell me. After my baking mishap, I had no idea what to expect for the rest of the day. At 4:00 I had a meeting with my friend and coach Bob at our usual meet up. When we got there, I took this picture...
How picture perfect is that sky?!? It was a beautiful fall day, and perfect to tackle those bad boys. Look, you cannot even see the top of the stadium, but we ran to that 5 times! I cannot believe how it felt to run them today. I don't want to say that they were easy, but I definitely enjoyed running the half way ups. (I will only say that they are easy when running to the top is easy)
Bob and I chit chatted as usual, but usually it was right before the all the way ups. We talked about running, about how much he hates prepping for his full, how I have aspirations to run a full and an ultra, thanks Jamie for being an inspiration. I hope you will do my first ultra with me, please say yes?!? Running these steps made me actually feel like I was getting stronger. I entrusted Bob with my goal for my half next year. I choose next year because my upcoming half is super hilly and I don't know if it is doable by then. But, I also know that Bob will hold me to my word, just like I hold him to his. See, I may not be the fastest person, I never claim to be, but there is a chance Saturday that Bob is slowing down his pace. Why? He needs help with pacing, and I need him to help me get through my next long run...10 miles. Together we will get through it, well, that is if he does it. See, Bob has a half marathon on Sunday, and may choose to just focus on that. I am cool with that, he has a full marathon coming up. I just know that whenever he needs to slow things down, I will help him and his legs slow down and he will help me mentally get through the long runs.
See, that is the best thing about running. You meet people of all different ages and abilities and everyone brings something different for you to learn from.  Bob always has his words of wisdom which means a lot since I have been only running for a year. He also always makes me laugh (You are not THAT old?!?) But, he believes in me, and sometimes we just need to know that in order to keep pushing through. Thanks Bob for another steps session, see you next Wednesday?
So, to round off my day, I did my ab circuit this am, and will do it again tonight, but I also did 200 crunches while running the steps. Maybe just maybe I will get that stronger core. I was going to do an arm circuit tonight, and I still might, if WILL be done tomorrow morning. And yes, I will blog about that and my run with M in her stroller. Have a great manic Monday!
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