Friday, April 5, 2013

What have I learned after 1 day of CrossFit

Besides being super nervous and scared about CrossFit, I am also excited to see what mentally it will do to me. See, I have always been competitive, and I will probably ALWAYS will. I blame childhood, or being the youngest of 3, either way, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. I know I am not up to the caliber of all the other CrossFitters at least not yet, but I am in awe at how strong they are. While CrossFit is about competing against others, it is really about competing with yourself. With, against, for, however you want to view it. It is about you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. About doing more than you thought you were and are capable of. One thing that KC the trainer told me was that CrossFit is about movement. Keeping yourself moving. I could have easily stopped to take a rest when I was doing my 8min AMRAP, it was my first day, no one would have said anything, but I couldn't. I COULD NOT do it! My body wouldn't let me take the break. Did it kill me, no, it proved to me that I can do it. I jokingly said that KC had kicked my ass, when in actuality, I kicked my own ass. In the 8 minute workout, I sweated more than I do when I run miles in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer. Holy cow!
Will I go again, you BETCHA! I can't wait until Sunday to come again for Fundamentals II. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do, what I am capable of. As I talked about in my last post, I jumped on a 16" box. I also dropped on a 20" box, but I was petrified of it, but I did it. I am hoping to do it again, so I can become more comfortable with jumping on it, because I KNOW I can do it, and I need to prove it to myself.
Well, I better get moving. It's almost time to leave to take the mini-me to school and for me to head to work. I woke up yesterday and my legs were sore. It was an awesome feeling. A feeling I am looking forward to again and again. Today is a rest day, and I will enjoy every minute of resting. I am heading to the airport tonight to pick up my sister and her family for a weekend visit here. There will be A LOT of photos. I cannot wait. Have a great day!
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  1. I just had my third crossfit class tonight. I've used the 20" box for both classes where we did box jumps! Fear is the biggest factor holding you back! Definitely feeling it in my legs from last night's WOD. I'll be posting some crossfit recaps on my blog ( and I love hearing about a fellow newbie's crossfit experiences!