Thursday, April 4, 2013

CrossFit Fundamentals I

So, I went to South Mountain CrossFit yesterday. At first I missed the building, but, the big tire out front of the building should have given me the clue. (DUH!). Anyway, when I first got there I met Kurt, one of the owners and he gave me a brief tour of the Box. Then he left to teach a class. I then met with Kacie, another owner who was my trainer for this Fundamentals class. She gave me another tour, no, it isn't that big, but she hit on the important things like proper shoes (I didn't know they existed!!) and apparel and letting me know that I get a discount coupon for a local store! Score! Anyway, after the tour it was time to hit the gym. We went over black board systems...where you post your goals, and where announcements are located. We then went over to the Big White Board where the WOD was located. WOD is Workout of the Day! Yes, CrossFit has it's own language. So, as a way to help me learn the lingo, we jumped right into clinics.  We started off with introduction to mobility, by mobilizing the hips. Squat Clinic, where I learned an Air Squat (AS) and a Front Squat/Back Squat (FS/BS). Once I was able to perform the basics of all three squats, we moved onto Deads.  We did deadlifts (DL) and sumo deadlift high pull (SDLHP).   Then, we went to body weight basics, abmat situps, which are not much easier just because a mat is involved. We did push-up and Hand-Release push-ups (PU) which, I cannot do. I stress, I cannot do. They needed to be modified, and I still couldn't do them! At least I have a place to start from.  After push-ups, we, er, I did box jumps. I started with 12" box and was able to go to a 20" box, but I definitely didn't feel comfortable with the 20" box.  After I was able to do 20" box jumps, we moved onto The Presses.  We did Shoulder Press (SP), Push Press (PP) and Push Jerk (PJ). After that, I took a quick break. And then learned that I was going to have my own WOD. Yes, I was nervous. I was excited and nervous and scared and all of those same feelings I get before a race. Anyway, here is what my WOD was, and I will break it down for you.
8 min AMRAP* 
Increase ladder
DL and PP
In between each sequence of reps, 3 box jumps
*which I think I asked the dumbest question when I saw this, I thought it meant to repeat the DL and PP for 8 minutes, glad to learn that is not what it meant

ok, for those new to CrossFit, (me!me!me!) here is what my WOD means
WOD (Workout Of Day)
8 minutes As Many Reps A Possible
Increase Ladder (first round 1, second round 2, third round 3...)
3 Box Jumps (16" box jumps)
(DL 1, PP 1 3 box jumps; DL2, PP 2, 3 Box jumps and so forth)
In the 8 minutes of my WOD, I did 9 complete rounds and then was able to do 10 DL. 

One of the coolest thing about CrossFit is that everything counts. So my score got recorded as 9+10. So, at least I now have a baseline on how to grow. I go to Fundamentals II on Sunday at noon. With the fees I paid, both Fundamentals classes and then an unlimited month of classes is included. I am even thinking about giving up my Monday morning swimming for CrossFit. That is HUGE for me! CrossFit isn't cheap, and after my month membership, I will see how much CrossFit I do. Anyway, since it is summer soon, and I will be swimming outside, I am thinking about canceling my Y membership which would help me offset the money. Although, if I get a punch card it's $110 every 6 weeks, which is $55/month which is cheaper than my Y membership. All these decisions, but one day at a time, one WOD at a time.

Tomorrow, I will talk about another one of the coolest things. Tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to blog again tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats on trying new things! I have heard lots about CrossFit from different places, but it was great to hear it from a newbie. Maybe I will have to give it a try someday.

    1. Lauren! Thanks for stopping by. I try to keep it real on here, but I will definitely be keeping it real when it comes to CrossFit. I hope you stop by again to read more about my adventures!

  2. You are brave to try CrossFit. I have not taken the plunge but may have to in the future!

    1. Well, I figured I needed to at least try it. I do a lot of cardio, but am afraid of the weight training. So, I thought I would try this. I really kicked my own butt yesterday and I feel I will have the encouragement to keep it up. So far, I have learned that you have to have a great community and a great Box to do your best. You should try it, and then let me know!

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