Friday, October 3, 2014

Instant gratification

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I need to have something I want right away. However, I am learning that the good things come to those who wait. As you may or may not know, May of this year I joined CrossFit Bane. It started off as a 10 punchcard, and I went about maybe twice a week then worked up to three times a week.  When my punchcard was used I was hooked I started in June at 5 days a week. However let me backtrack for a moment. At the end of May, my family went to Walt Disney World. It was my daughter's first trip and I knew I wanted to look my best. Did I know that I think I looked decent yes. With everything that I had gone on in the last year, something that maybe I will talk about later, I knew that I had let myself go. However now that I go to Bane five days a week, and I'm eating healthier, I came across this picture.
I look happy, and I'm dressing like I feel comfortable in my skin, but I really don't. Did I know that I had some weight to lose yes, did I really think that I let myself go that much no yesterday, after I found this picture, I had to take a picture.
I know from this picture that you can see the changes, they're not that drastic but you can see them. But you see, I don't see them. Sometimes I feel that we focus on our flaws, that we don't see the progress that we've made. Yes, my friends comment on the changes that they made and I graciously accept the compliment, but now I really need to start seeing it. I know that I am putting in the work, I'm eating healthier and feeling better I just need to cut myself some slack. I didn't put the weight on overnight, I can expected to fall off overnight either. I guess what I am trying to say, is I am proud of myself. Getting healthy isn't something that can relished. It isn't something that will provide instant gratification, but in the long run, I know I will be better for it. I will be around longer and be healthier for my daughter, and quite frankly, that in itself is gratification enough. So, whenever you feel like giving up, and trust me I have, ALWAYS remember why you started. I promise, you will get there.

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